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Ryan King

Test Prep Specialist

I’ve worked in the test prep industry for 18 years, helping students across the globe get accepted into their top-choice schools. As a professional screenwriter and actor, I strive to make the process as fun and engaging as possible, developing meaningful relationships with students while getting great results.


"Ryan has not only helped my students increase their scores dramatically in a relatively short time, but he has also eased an important part of the process for my families. I cannot tell you how many parents have said to me, 'I only wish we had found Ryan sooner!' "

-Sarah, College Counselor

Math Notebook and Calculator


I specialize in standardized tests: the SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT.

With my many years of experience, I’m able to help students see how these tests differ from the ones they’re accustomed to taking at school, and, ultimately, how to use this discovery to their advantage. With an experienced guide, students can learn to capitalize on the patterns and repetitions hidden within standardized tests, eventually turning awareness into clear score gains.

Depending on where you are starting, standardized testing can sometimes be a long road, and it is best to make the process as painless and enjoyable as possible. Please REACH OUT for a free 30-minute Zoom consultation to get to know my style and personality and see if we are the right fit.




"Before working with Ryan, I had fully accepted that studying for the ACT would be a miserable experience. I had just started working with another tutor, but I soon realized that their approach to the test was overwhelming me. Luckily I was able to find Ryan, who approaches the learning process with enthusiasm and compassion, and as we slowly combed through practice test after practice test, Ryan imparted strategies that genuinely changed the game for me. His empathy towards my concerns, along with his continual support and valuable strategies, led me to improve my initial diagnostic score of 28 to a 34 on my very first real test. As I continue to work with Ryan, I look forward to our sessions where we not only work through the ACT, but share play/show recommendations and chat about the world of theatre. Thank you Ryan for being such an incredible tutor!"



I’ve worked remotely for over a decade with students across the globe with great success. However, I live just north of Manhattan and am also available for in-person sessions in New York City and select surrounding areas. We can discuss which is the best option for you. Schedule your free 30-minute consultation now…

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